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About Donna

Donna Jestmore was convinced of the power of CranioSacral therapy after watching the healing effect it had when a therapist worked on her suffering collie dog. Ever since, she has trained and devoted herself to this technique to restore health to others through her coursework from the Upledger Institute.

In addition, growing up on a farm in north central Kansas provided her with the belief that the energy which surrounds us can be tapped for its own therapeutic healing power. Through this dynamic combination comes the origin of her business: Health and Therapeutic Energy.

As Donna continues her journey of discovery, she looks for new methods of dealing with how our health is affected by such issues as emotional trauma, and for such techniques as Somato Emotional Release to restore the body to its natural healthy state. Donna is a master in several techniques and holds certificates from Body and Soul Massage School for others.

Her journeys have not only taken her throughout North America, but around the world to such countries as Japan, Ireland and Italy, where through the process of travel and meeting and talking with others of different cultures, she feels the true nature of learning and discovery can be found.

Master Level

  • Usui Reiki (Western)
  • Shinpiden (Traditional Japanese)
  • Komyo Reiki Okuden (3rd Degree)


  • Swedish Massage
  • La Stone Massage with Basalt Stones
  • Chair Massage


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About Donna
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