The energetic, gentle touch of cranio-sacral really helped to ease the pain of my colicky 1 month old baby. I would highly recommend seeing Donna for any ailments or imbalances within the body. Her touch is remarkable.


No matter how stressful my workday, my cares melt away under Donna's expertise. Her bassalt hot stone massages are an "answered prayer" for anyone who seeks deep relaxation, rejuvention, and release.


Finding Donna and her special CranioSacral Therapy abilities has had a restorative effect on my chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. I rarely get debilitating headaches now ... a beneficial outcome that I know is the result of my sessions with Donna.


Having broken my tailbone three times in my life, I was constantly uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time. After just one treatment of cranial-sacral therapy I no longer have pain in my tailbone! I have gone to chiropractors for years and they could temporarily relive it, but this has lasted! I am amazed, and thankful I found Donna.


Donna radiates with the genuine desire to facilitate healing and calming.  After the soothing CT sessions with Donna, I leave feeling a lot less pain and am considerably energized with my body relaxed.  I highly recommend her remarkably peaceful and pain-free therapy.


Deep relaxation of body and mind has been the benefit of my CranioSacral Therapy sessions with Donna. Her gentle, soothing touch has been especially beneficial in reducing tension and opening up stores of energy during the weeks both before and after surgery - when the mere thought of a more strenuous massage was painful.


My first session with Donna made me a believer in CranioSacral Therapy. There was no discomfort like there can be with a regular massage. However, in addition to relaxing my muscles, my mind and spirit were totally refreshed and reinvigorated when I was ready to leave.


“I went to Donna willing to try anything to relieve the tension in my upper neck.  Being a little skeptical, I was amazed at the relief I received not realizing the range of motion I had lost with my neck.  After one session, my neck felt so loose and I had regained the range of motion.  I left feeling very relaxed.  It’s very difficult to describe the relief I received to others.  I will be returning again and again.”


“The hot stone massage is the best!   The muscles (and me!) are completely relaxed and softened before the massage begins making for a much more enjoyable experience.  Donna's talent in massage is amazing and I am a complete noodle when I leave and have no soreness the following day.  This is one of the best things I could ever do for my health and myself. “ 


I have experienced many massages over the years and Donna's Swedish massages are as good as any I've had.  She is especially effective releasing the intense pain and tightness I accumulate in my upper shoulders and neck.  After a massage by Donna I am pain-free and have a tremendous improvement in the range of motion of my neck.






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